Welcome to Midge & Millie's Coffee Shop and Booksellers!


We started with the simple idea of bringing the best from us to you. From our founder to our front-line workers, we put lots of love and careful thought into all we do. We hope you enjoy all we have to offer, and share the experience with others.

Midge & Millie's is a UPS Access Point® Location!

Latests Drop off times: Mon-Fri 3:00 PM

Craving caffeine and a bibliophile’s sanctuary?

Step into Midge & Millie’s, Okmulgee’s coziest corner for excellent coffee, brunch items, books, and collectibles!

Forget dusty tomes and lukewarm brews. Midge & Millie’s is a sun-drenched haven where the aroma of freshly ground coffee dances with the whispers of well-loved stories. Imagine:

  • Shelves overflowing with adventures, from classics that whisper of forgotten worlds to debut novels pulsing with fresh voices.
  • Coffee magic in every cup, crafted by baristas who treat their beans like literary heroes – roasted with reverence, brewed with passion.
  • Armchairs that beg you to sink in, tucked away in sun-kissed corners, begging for you to get lost in a world of words.
  • Conversations that spark like crackling embers, fueled by bookish banter and the warmth of community.
  • A calendar brimming with events, from author readings that ignite your imagination to open mic nights where you can share your own voice.

Midge & Millie’s isn’t just a coffee shop, it’s a storybook come to life. It’s where your next chapter begins, where the scent of ink mingles with the steam of a latte, and where connections bloom like wildflowers on a sun-drenched page.

Ready to write your own adventure?

Click here to browse our shelves, book your cozy corner, or join the next literary escapade. Let Midge & Millie’s be your portal to a world where stories are savored, dreams are brewed, and every page whispers, “Welcome home.”

Don’t just read, live. Come write your own chapter at Midge & Millie’s.

Okmulgee's Very Own Premier Coffee And Literary Escape