About Us

Nestled in the heart of Okmulgee, Oklahoma, lies Midge & Millie’s Coffee Shop and Booksellers, a haven for bibliophiles and caffeine enthusiasts alike. While the exact origins of this charming establishment remain shrouded in a bit of mystery, its story unfolds through the warmth of its atmosphere and the passion it exudes for both literature and handcrafted beverages.

Stepping into Midge & Millie’s is akin to entering a world woven from the pages of a well-loved book. Sunlight streams through arched windows, illuminating shelves laden with novels of every genre, their spines whispering tales of adventure and intrigue. The air hums with a gentle symphony of clinking coffee mugs and the rustling of turning pages, a soundtrack to cozy afternoons spent curled up with a good book and a steaming cup of joe.

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, roasted to perfection, fills the air, beckoning you towards the counter. Midge & Millie’s baristas, true artisans of their craft, wield their tools with practiced ease, transforming simple beans into frothy lattes, aromatic cappuccinos, and soul-warming americanos. But their repertoire extends far beyond the realm of coffee. Tea connoisseurs rejoice in the selection of loose-leaf blends, while those seeking a touch of sweetness can indulge in decadent hot chocolate or house-made pastries.

Of course, no bookshop would be complete without a dedicated space for literary exploration. Midge & Millie’s provides just that, with comfy armchairs and nooks tucked away between towering bookshelves. Whether you’re a seasoned bibliophile or a casual reader seeking your next adventure, these inviting corners are an irresistible invitation to get lost in a world of words.

But Midge & Millie’s is more than just a coffee shop and bookstore; it’s a community hub. The aroma of coffee mingles with the murmur of conversation, as friends and neighbors gather to share stories, laughter, and the occasional heated debate about the merits of a particular literary masterpiece. The shop regularly hosts events like book clubs, author readings, and open mic nights, further solidifying its place as the beating heart of Okmulgee’s literary scene.

So, whether you’re a bookworm seeking your next literary fix, a coffee aficionado yearning for the perfect cup, or simply someone in search of a warm and welcoming space to connect with others, Midge & Millie’s Coffee Shop and Booksellers has a chapter waiting just for you.

Come, curl up with a good book, savor a delicious cup of coffee, and let the magic of Midge & Millie’s work its charm on you.